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Flex Boot Back Straps (sold as singles)

Flex Boot Back Straps (sold as singles)


The Flex Boot back strap goes around the back of the foot, over the heel bulbs and attaches to both sides of the boot with ball rivets. All Flex Boots come with back straps as standard, but you can also buy the straps separately if you want a different color, or need to replace a broken strap.

Back strap sizes are:

XSmall = fits size 80
Small = fits size 85-110
Medium = fits size 115-120
Large = fits size 125-140
XLarge = fits size 145-150

If replacing a broken strap, please check if your ball rivets are intact, or whether you need to order new ball rivets also. The Flex Boot YouTube channel has instructions for how to replace the various parts of the boots.

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