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Flex Boot Sizing Chart

Below are the sizing charts for the standard and wide Flex boots. The width measurement is taken at the widest part of the hoof and the length measurement is from the heel buttress to the toe. See this page for help with measuring.

Flex Boot Standard Size ChartFlex Boot Wide Size Chart

Flex Boots fit hooves that are within +/- 5mm of the listed width measurements, and not longer than the listed length measurement. For advice regarding the best boot size for your horse, please contact us.

Note that if your horse's hooves are at the maximum width and length measurements for a specific size, the boot might not fit well and sizing up might be necessary.

For example, if your horse's hoof is 155mm wide and 160mm long (maximum measurements for size 150 boot), then the boot might not fit well. However, if the hoof is slightly narrower at 150mm wide and still 160mm long, the boot will fit well, as long as the heels are trimmed to the correct position. Flex Hoof Boots work better if they are slightly loose rather than if they are too tight, as loose boots' fit can be improved with Flex Pads.

Flex Boots suit many different shape and size hooves. However, if the hoof width is over 10mm greater than the length, our boots are not ideal for your horse.

If you're not sure whether Flex Boots would suit your horse, email our helpdesk for free fitting and sizing advice.

If the hoof is very narrow and the horse has a habit of twisting its legs a lot, it may be that our flexible boot is not suitable for your horse.

For some, a Flex Boot that is slightly looser works better than a tight boot. But primarily, the horse should be treated by a body worker, such as an equine osteopath, to correct the root cause of the twist.