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Hoof Boots for Horses with Navicular

The unique rubber sole of the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes gives horses that have navicular a much more comfortable option when it comes to hoof boots. Because the rubber is able to flex and deform, it provides a lot more shock absorption to the hoof. Impact shock is often a major cause of discomfort in the navicular horse as the navicular hoof is often lacking in that capability. The rubber sole also provides stimulation to the hoof which encourages healing.

This video features a horse called Pez who was experiencing navicular syndrome after fracturing her navicular bone years ago. She had been very lame prior to using the All Terrain Ultra Jogging Shoes. The video highlights the remarkable difference from the first day she wore them compared to nine days later after wearing them 23/7 for turnout.

Here’s what her owner said about her: “Last night she kicked my big qh gelding in the butt. She wanted that haynet and attempted to make him move. She’s obviously feeling quite full of herself since she got the boots. She’s a totally different horse now. Feisty and full of life :D She’s getting in the middle of things whereas before I think she knew she couldn’t get out of the way or it hurt too much. Can’t thank you enough for making her so comfortable and able to move freely and be naughty and saucy.”

For more information about the shock absorbing capability of the Jogging Shoes click here to read about the scientific testing carried out that compared the rubber-soled jogging shoes to plastic-soled hoof boots.

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