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Measuring for the Flex Boots

Measuring for the Flex Hoof Boots

Measure after a fresh trim
This is when the hooves are at the correct size and shape.
Hooves should be maintenance trimmed weekly, to retain the shape
and balance of the hoof.

Measuring the hoof length
Imagine drawing a line across the back of the hoof, from heel to heel.
From the middle of that line draw another line straight to the toe.
This is where you measure the length of the hoof.

Take heels into consideration
When measuring the length of the hoof, do not measure the heel bulb,
only the weight-bearing area of the hoof wall.
It's also important to make sure that the heels are trimmed to the
anatomically correct position before taking measurements.

Measuring the hoof width
Measure the width at the widest part across the hoof.
Take into consideration how the hoof grows between trims;
you might need pads straight after a fresh trim, to get an ideal fit
and to accommodate slight hoof growth between trims.

How much the hoof grows between trims
If you do not trim weekly as recommended by us, you need to take
your horse's hoof growth rate into consideration when selecting the
most appropriate boot size.