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Flex Boot Neoprene Gaiter

Flex Boot Neoprene Gaiter


Flex Boot Neoprene gaiters, sold individually.

Flex Boots come with protective gaiters as standard. The neoprene gaiters follow the shape of the TPU gaiters and protect the feet from possible rubbing. Flex neoprene gaiters are very durable when the boot is properly fitted to the hoof.

Please consider your horse's bone structure when you order your gaiters.  Measuring the circumference of the pastern is an easy way to double check.

As a general rule:

XS gaiters are 8-1/2" long.  They work with 80-100 boots.
S gaiters are 9-1/2" long.  They work with 105-110 boots.
M gaiters are 11" long.  They work with 115-130 boots.
L gaiters are 12-1/2" long.  They work with 135-145 boots. 

Available in many different colors, the gaiters are great for making your Flex Boots unique. They are easily changed out so whether you want to change up your look for a parade, or if you and your horse are fashionista's - having mutliple colors is both practical and fun!

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